The Weekly Planet

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In this episode of the show we do every week called The Weekly Planet we get stuck into Iron Fist casting, Daredevil news, Pacific Rim 2 getting off the ground, a super secret Batman V Superman smear campaign and all the R Rated comic book properties we'd like to see on the big screen!

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4:04 Iron Fist Casting
6:26 Daredevil Reviews
7:07 New Daredevil Trailer
12:35 Pacific Rim 2
16:44 Justice League Start Date
18:56 Batman V Superman Smear Campaign
21:12 Wolverine & Batman V Superman R Rated Cut

24:32 R Rated Comic Book Movies we want to see
24:57 Ghostrider 3
27:22 Nemesis
32:01 The Boys (or Boyz?)
34:47 Supreme Power
40:24 Moon Knight
41:47 Injection
44:24 Carnage USA & Carnage 2015
46:52 The Mask
50:54 Batman R Rated
54:28 Old Man Logan
54:54 Lobo
55:36 Swamp Thing
57:20 The Hood
59:49 Punisher Max
101:45 Transmetropolitan
107:21 Invincible
1:12:30 The Authority
1:14:27 Miracle Man

1:21:00 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read?
1:28:37 Letters Theme

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