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This week we’re all about eh Christopher Reeve Superman films and whether or not they stack up to modern standards.  We also get stuck into that new Ghostbusters trailer that everyone hates, news of a solo Venom movie, Green Lantern in the DCU, Batman V Superman box office predictions, Sandman, American Gods, a gay Luke Skywalker and more! Thanks for listening and all the support.

0.00 Win a Star Wars Blu Ray/Comic Bento Box, Q & A

3.34 Ghostbusters Reboot
17:21 Luke Skywalker Gay?
18:25 Gods Of Egypt Director meltdown
20:37 Joseph Gordon Levitt leaves Sandman

21:53 Green Lantern’s next appearance
24:55 Batman V Superman opening numbers and Suicide Squad 2
25:50 Theif video game movie
27:07 Stallone in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
29:50 Venom Movie
33:46 23 Jump Street/Men In Black & Sausage Party
35:27 Ian McShane cast in American Gods
36:51 for free trial

41:36 Christopher Reeve Superman Films
43:15 Superman The Movie
1:02:42 Superman II plus Richard Donner Cut
1:15:34 Superman III
1:24:01 Supergirl
1:28:18 Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
1:32:27 Superman Returns

1:45:18 What We Readin/What We Gonna Read
1:50:55 Letters


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