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By big E3 reveals we mean just the ones that we care about/remember. Spider-man! Batman Arkham VR! Resident Evil The Seventh One! A zombie one probably! We also get stuck into DC news as well as movement on the Wonder Woman front, Spider-man Homecoming casting, a new Superman for Supergirl and Warcraft! Thanks for listening.

3:56 Big Justice League News! (pending)
7:29 Injustice 2 details
10:20 No invisible jet for Wonder Woman
12:11 Tyler Hoechlin cast as Superman
15:49 Spider-man Homecoming casting news
20:04 Big E3 Newses!

47:01 Independence Day Commentary

48:18 Warcraft Spoiler Free
1:04:27 Warcraft Spoilers

1:12:41 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:19:42 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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