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Luke Cage’s first Netflix series is here! So we talk that as well sa Jurassic World 2, Deathstroke in Justice League, The Batman release date, new trailers for Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts, Portal, Hotwheels, Lion King, other things. It’s a classic episode! Not really. It’s just an okay episode.

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3:32 Jurassic World 2 news
5:53 Deathstroke in Justice League
8:07 Ben Affleck Batman movie release date
9:25 New Superman/Supergirl footage
11:23 New Doctor Strange trailer
13:55 Stan Lee has filmed four Marvel cameos
16:50 No more Marvel doppleganger villains
19:30 Portal movie still happening apparently
26:21 Justin Lin to direct Hot Wheels
28:12 Fantastic Beasts trailer
33:15 Lion King “live action” remake

36:14 Luke Cage Spoiler Free Review
54:24 Luke Cage Spoiler Review

1:03:52 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:09:58 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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