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We’re! This week we talk the most anticipated movies of 2017, all that potentially which will almost certain to disappoint.  Plus we talk Carrie Fisher’s future in the Star Wars universe, Han Solo casting, Logan, Deadpool, the next Green Lantern movie, Avengers: Infinity War casting and a whole lot more! Thanks as always for listening.

The Batman Head Turn Video:

0:00 Visit & use promo code weeklyplanet for a ridiculous deal
2:07 Carrie Fisher and the future of Star Wars
6:38 Woody Harrelson joins the Han Solo movie
8:56 Logan news and things
11:15 Deadpool not in Logan
12:08 David Ayer writing Green Lantern movie
16:42 The Rock talks about DC Films
18:46 Peter Dinklage in Avengers: Infinity War
20:55 Mad Max Sequel
22:11 Uncharted is still happening I guess

24:28 Movies Of 2017!

1:12:02 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:17:18 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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