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Hey. We’re back. Talking Venom casting, first looks at Domino and Cable, Smallvile news, Karl Urban returning for Mega City One, Terminator reboot details, Netflix loses Disney but signs up Millarworld, Justice League reshoots and Star Wars The Last Jedi info. Plus a look back at the best and worst product placement in movies.

Two In The Think Tank:
Unicef Q & A: (it’s expired, it might be gone forever)

0:00 Visit and use promo code planet for 20% off your purchase
5:45 Bad Boys 3 & Black Cat/Silver Sable release dates
7:48 Venom movie casting
9:34 Cable and Domino first look
15:02 Smallville news for some reason
22:08 Dredd and Mega City One
24:12 Terminator reboot details
27:55 Netflix buys Millarworld
31:55 Justice League reshoots?
34:47 Disney new streaming service
39:10 Star Wars The Last Jedi details

42:23 Best Worst Product Placement In Film

1:34:40 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:42:03 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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