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Here we bloody go. The Defenders finally rocked up so we get into that as well as news of the Obi Wan movie, Gremlins 3, Game of Thrones leaking (again), James Bond’s return, Cinemasins backlash and The Punisher/Jessica Jones Netflix news. Thanks for listening!

The Defenders Easter Egg Video:
Marvel Nemesis COG:

0:00 Visit for 15% off a quality bloody watch mate!
4:08 Obi Wan movie news
9:51 Gremlins 3 update
12:21 Game Of Thrones leak (again)
14:09 Bond is back baby!
19:45 Cinemasins VS Kong Skull Island
24:09 Jessica Jones and The Punisher news

28:04 The Defenders Non Spoilers Review
45:19 The Defenders Spoilers Review

58:26 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:03:12 Letters It’s Time For Letters
(1:07:22-1:07:50 minor spoilers The Defenders)

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