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Hello. James is back for a fresh and hot new episode on Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle! Plus a Thor Ragnarok scoop, trailers for The Punisher and Tomb Raider, The Inhumans, Taika Waitti directing Akira, RIP Harry Stanton, Justice League deleted scenes, Watchmen the TV Series being greenlit, Terminator 6 and JJ Abrams


Kingsman Will Kill James Bond:
Movie Fights:
Jedi Council:
Millenial Falcon:
Screen Junkies News:

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6:20 Tomb Raider neck and trailer
11:40 The Punisher trailer
14:10 The Inhumans cancelled?
19:45 Akira directed by Taika Waititi

22:44 - 24:59 Thor Ragnarok Spoilers
24:59 RIP Harry Stanton
26:26 Justice League deleted scenes
27:54 Watchmen pilot ordered
31:34 Terminator 6 or 3
37:18 JJ Abrams Star Wars something
43:21 Darth Vader in Han Solo?
44:33 Matthew Vaughn might direct Man Of Steel 2

48:45 Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle Spoiler Free Review
58:30 Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle Spoiler Review

1:14:54 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:29:18 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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