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Huge week for trailers including trailers for The Last Jedi, Justice League and The New Mutants.  Plus we talk a Hulk trilogy, Gambit getting a release date, news on Wonder Woman 2, Jared Leto returning as the Joker plus Creed 2! We also finally do a Rick and Morty episode so everyone can shut up about it. Thanks for listening!

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Justice League Trailer Breakdown:
Luke’s Green Lightsaber:
Two I The Think Tank:

0:00 Visit for 15% off a quality bloody watch mate!
7:24 The New Mutants/Gambit release date
13:19 Justice League Trailer
16:56 Wonder Woman 2 release date & Suicide Squad 2
18:05 The Last Jedi Trailer
26:12 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 2
28:04 Creed 2
33:49 Hulk Trilogy time

40:53 Rick and Morty Talk Time

1:22:09 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:31:11 Letters It’s Time For Letters
1:4015 H8Mail But The Hate Has An 8 In It


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