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We finally settle a long standing debate! Is Rey a Mary Sue? Well, we don't really settle it, we just talk about it for a bit as well as other potential Mary Sue's in the Star Wars Universe and other franchises.

Plus we talk a bold (and potential stolen from Mason!) Deadpool marketing campaign, new Batman V Superman footage, Amber Herd Aquaman casting, Ten Cloverfield Lane, Oscar nominations, the shortlist for Han Solo and the tragic loss of two artistic greats!

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0:00 Geekfuel Super Deal For Legends!
2:18 Intro
3:27 David Bowie and Alan Rickman’s Death
6:24 Deadpool
8:26 Ten Cloverfield Lane (shame)
12:12 Jamie Fox in Robin Hood Origins
14:42 Batman V Superman New Footage & Soundtrack
17:52 Oscar Nominations
20:32 Amber Herd has apparently been cast as Mera
21:20 Ryan Coogler directing Black Panther
22:47 X-Files Revival Reviews
23:45 Han Solo Casting

30:16 What Is A Mary Sue?
32:05 Mary Sue Origins
36:10 Characteristics Of A Mary Sue
40:53 Bella Swan
42:31 Anastasia Steele
43:12 Luke Skywalker & Han Solo
47:49 John McLane
49:02 Batman
52:21 Birds Of Prey
52:03 Harry Potter
54:40 Doctor Who & Sherlock
58:16 Neo
59:56 Rey
1:07:43 Christopher Maverick Mary Sue Article
1:10:37 Rey Skywalker?

1:13:00 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
Rebel Scum Link

1:20:55 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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