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With trailers dropping for Spectre and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, now's the perfect time to talk best movie spies.  Also we get into news of The Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool, X-Files, Lex Luthor and more things probably! Thanks for listening.

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Not only do we cover some of the best (and worst) Spider-man stories of all time this week, we also get into the big twist on The Flash, Justice League, Civil War, Age Of Ultron and a Weekly Planet Star Wars exclusive!

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Big week for Star Wars with announcements for both Star Wars Episode VIII and the first spin-off movie.  We also talk Marvel's absence from this years San Diego Comic Con, some new DC costumes, Suicide Squad casting and Niel Blompkamps Chappie actually being rather good.

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We hit the ground running this week with news of Captain America: Civil War, Spider-man, Supergirl, Gotham and a new The Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer. Plus a breakdown of the best comic book weapons. Well, some of them.

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Power Rangers! Age Of Ultron! Spider-man! Alien! Other things! It's all happening in this week's episode of the show this is. Plus we talk the very best and worst comic book trilogies. Thanks as always for listening.

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