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The much requested Superhero Showdown episode makes a return where we pit your favourite comic/movie/tv characters against each other to determine who's slighty better! Also we get into news of the new Civil War line-up, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Assassins Creed and undoubtable something else to do with whatever this podcast is about. Thanks for listening!

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In honour of Hitman: Agent 47 being terrible we go through every video game movie ever! Plus some sad news for Batman fans, Michael Shannon on Batman V Superman, Victor Frankenstien, Suicide Squad, Zorro, He-man, Wolverine and whatever else we said. Thanks for listening!

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With D23 taking place over the weekend we got heaps of news covering all things Marvel and Star Wars, Pixar and more. Plus we get into The Man From Uncle, despite no-one having seen it. Fun.

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Two significant events occured this week, the newest Fantastic Four film was released and so was a brand new Deadpool trailer. But they were significant for different reasons. Also we get into Ben Aflleck making more Batman films, an X-Men tv series plus Pez. The movie. THANKS FOR LISTENING ALL CAPS.

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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation bloody impossible missioned itself into cinemas over the weekend so we get into that. Plus news of three Star Wars TV series coming to Netflix, Fantastic Four’s very late review embargo, the Channing Tatum Gambit fiasco and more. Thanks for the support!

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