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Massive week for all things Star Wars. Broken box office records, a new poster, trailer and so much #StarWarsJacketSpeculation. Plus news of Batman V Superman including the rumour that Batman may not be whom he appears to be, a director for Ant-man and The Wasp, Jessica Jones, Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. Thanks for all the listens!

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Huge week for this show we do! Hulk and Thor team up, two new X-Men TV series, Marvel get Fantastic Four Back (apparently), Vin Diesel hints at Inhumans, a new Star Wars trailer landing, Battle Angel Alita and Godzilla VS King Kong confirmed for 2020. Also we talk the Back To The Future trilogy in light of that date people don't shut-up about. Thanks for listening! Also Powers Boothe. POWERS BOOTHE.

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The Flash and Arrow have returned to our TV screens so we get stuck into how the seasons kicked off.  Plus we discuss the recent controversial Joker twist in Gotham, an Ant-man & Wasp movie, Lex Luthor news for Batman V Superman, a rumoured contender for the Boba Fett role, the Avengers: Infinity War budget and other things we say! Thanks as always for listening.

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In addition to talking about Matt Damon and Ridley Scott's The Martian we get into news of Damage Control, Batman V Superman being rated, a Kingsman 2/Robin Hood: Origins clash, Game Of Thrones the movie, Thor Ragnarok and the death of the Terminator franchise. Finally. Thanks for listening!

Oh and the non-spoiler timestamp is 1:11:22. I remembered.

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