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Huge week for Marvel with the release of the first Captain America: Civil War trailer! We also talk Fantastic Four 2 being cancelled, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 rumours, Alien: Covenant, Legends of Tomorrow and Tom Cruise joining The Mummy reboot.

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Another week another this show we do. This time we're all about Marvel's new Netflix series Jessica Jones as well as the last Hunger Games movie. Plus Peter Jackson on the failures of The Hobbit, Wonder Woman, more Riddick stuff, Justice League Dark and Shrek for some reason.

Jessica Jones spoilers 105.45-114.25

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Apart from talking about how Spectre ain't great, this week we get into DC movie news with Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, a new director for Gambit, when the X-Men Apocalypse trailer is going to drop and new Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage galore! As always thanks for listening.

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In addition to talking the best and worst CGI characters we get into the brand new Warcraft trailer, the international Star Wars trailer and Doctor Strange kicking into gear. Plus do you like the new Supergirl series? Well Mason tells you why you're wrong.

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To celebrate the fact it was Halloween recently apparently we bumble our way through the best horror movie icons! Plus news of a Batman: Under The Red Hood movie, Suicide Squad, Indiana Jones 5 again, Alien 5 being delayed, Power Rangers, Iron Fist and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2! Thanks for listening.

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