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Man. What a long rambling piece of nonsense this week’s episode is. We cover all the movies/tv shows we loved and despised in 2015 including best and worst comic book movies, biggest disappointments and who has the most versatile hair. We also get into the new Deadpool trailers, Batman V Superman News and how Star Wars is well on the way to toppling Avatar!

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7:23 Deadpool Redband Trailer
9:57 Batman V Superman End Credits
16:36 Avatar Sequels
17:59 Star Wars Box Office

19:16 Best & Worst Of The Year
20:10 Best Animated Film
22:00 Best Sequel
28:29 Best Reboot
31:14 Best Movie Where The Game Was On
35:41 Best Non Sequel Or Reboot
37:48 Best Horror Film
42:06 Best Comic Book TV Show
46:49 Best TV Show
51:08 Most Underrated Property
52:24 Best Comedy
55:09 Worst Trailer
55:50 Best Dead Or CGI De-Aged Actor
57:59 Best Kids Film
55:23 Best Spy Movie
1:01:47 Best Movie That Was Just A Movie
1:04:53 Worst Sequel Or Reboot
1:09:28 Actor Least Annoyed By
1:18:00 Actor Most Annoyed By
1:15:43 Best Hair
1:16:58 Biggest Disappointment
1:19:51 Best Movie You Haven’t Seen
1:29:00 Movie They need To Stop Making
1:31:31 Worst Comic Book Movie
1:32:33 Best Comic Book Movie
1:33:10 Worst Movie
1:37:55 Best Movie

1:40:40 What We Reading
1:44:50 Letters
1:53:15 Star Wars Rey Theory


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Possibly our most anticipated episode ever! Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler free and then spoiler heavy review! Plus we get into what makes the Star Trek trailer terrible, Independence Day: Resurgence, Fantastic Beasts And How To Make A Boring trailer, Spider-man popping up in the Doctor Strange movie and more!

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Star Wars talk starts at 24.12

Spoilers go from 55.30 to 1.44.10. Then Mason says something in minute 151. You know what, just avoid everything after 55.30 to be safe.

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This week we're all about Star Wars The Force Awakens speculation! Who is Kylo Ren, Rey and Finn? Where's Luke Skywalker? How ungracefully will Han Solo die? So many questions. Plus we get into the first X-Men: Apocalypse and Ninja Turtles 2 trailer, talk Hunger Games prequels and something about Tarzan I dunno.

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It was glorious news with word of a new Batman V Superman trailer landing, the results however have been mixed, at best. We also talk re-casting Han Solo but keeping the same Indiana Jones, a director for Black Panther and the performance of the Civil War trailer in comparison to Batman V Superman. We also talk influences on the upcoming DC adaptation and express our hopes and fears concerning the series in general.

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