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This Monday we're all about comic book movies that never made it to the big screen! We're talking a follow-up to Batman & Robin, Doctor Strange from 2007 and an early Green Arrow movie!

Plus we get into exciting Legends Of Tomorrow news, Darkseid confirmed for the DC Universe, a new Justice League animated series and a stellar test screening for Captain America: Civil War!

0:00 Amazon Link
5:30 Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Update
7:45 Green Arrow on Legends Of Tomorrow
11:33 Fish Mooney Returning to Gotham
12:45 Darkside in the DC Cinematic Universe
13:30 Flashpoint Movie Theory
16:40 Nolan on Snyder’s Batman
18:00 New Justice League Animated Series
21:45 Civil War Test Screening
24:25 Star Wars & Marvel Movies Forever

25:25 Cancelled Comic Book Movies
27:10 Doctor Strange directed by Guillermo Del oro
34:10 Batman Unchained/Triumphant

50:55 Green Lantern Supermax!

1:04:47 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:15:43 Letters, It’s Time For Letters #weeklyplanetpod


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