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What a huge bloody week! Star Wars VIII is underway, Blade Runner 2 gets a release date, San Andreas 2 is happening for some reason but it has volcanoes, Deadpool makes box office history and will The Hulk appear in Civil War?

Plus we get back into our much requested episode, Superhero Showdown! Or whatever it was called last time. Pitting hero against hero, enemy against enemy and man versus duck.

0:00 Geekfuel

2:45 Star Wars VIII Trailer
8:00 Blade Runner 2 Release Date
11:12 San Andreas Sequel
14:40 Ant-man & The Wasp writer on board
15:40 The Hulk in Civil War?
18:37 Deadpool Box Office & R Rated Comic Book Movies

28:20 Batman VS Night Owl
37:08 Rick VS Doctor Who
42:27 Doctor Strange VS Operation
43:45 Professor X VS The Purple Man
47:40 Leonidas (300) VS Captain America
53:23 Pre Syrum Steve Rogers VS Jim From The Office
56:30 Kratos VS Alex Mercer
59:58 Martian Manhunter VS The Vision
1:03:03 Blind Hawkeye VS One Armed Green Arrow
1:07:12 Bruce Wayne VS Scrooge McDuch
1:09:30 Nightwing VS Winter Soldier
1:15:32 Bruce Wayne’s Parents VS Tony Stark’s Parents
1:18:05 Mad Max Fatal Four Way
1:22:58 Captain Phasma VS Boba Fett

1:26:09 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:32:25 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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