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Big week for movie  Iron man joins Spider-man Homecoming, Jason Bourne returns, the Inhumans movie gets cancelled plus we get trailers for Independance Day Resurgence, Jason Bourne and Magnificent Seven.  We also see the return of a fan favourite segment, H8 Mail But The Hate Has An Eight In It. Thanks for listening!

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1:13 Prince RIP
3:12 Michelle McNamara RIP
4:28 Inhumans Movies Delayed
7:41 Rita Repulsa Power Rangers First Look
10:05 Independence Day Resurgence Day Trailer 2
13:35 Godzilla Resurgence Trailer Reaction
17:52 Robert Downey Jr Joins Spider-man Homecoming
21:17 Doctor Who New Companion
25:23 Jason Bourne Trailer
29:36 Johnny Depp Amber Heard Apology
33:05 Magnificent Seven Trailer
37:50 Krypton Pilot Green Lit
40:04 Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League
42:10 Game Of Thrones Season 6 & Spin-off

50:51 H8 Mail But The Hate Has An Eight In It (YouTube Channel
1:05:52 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:10:10 Letters It’s Time For Letters

1:12:54 - 1:14:52 Star Wars Episode 8 Spoilers

1:14:42 Lighthouse Foundation Civil War Screening

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Huge week for trailers! Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, Nine Lives, TMNT2! Classics, every one of them.  Plus we talk casting for Kingsman 2, Thor: Ragnarok, the Han Solo solo movie, MIB23, Spider-man.  WE also get into MIB23, inexplicable Avatar sequels forever, Deadpool 2 and other stuff. Plus Jason Statham fights a giant shark the movie? Yes please.

2:02 Channing Tatum joins Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle
10:23 Spider-man Homecoming & Michael Keaton Casting
18:09 The Killing Joke Is R Rated
18:55 Tessa Thompson joining Thor: Ragnarok
19:51 Star Wars Stuff
23:16 Avatar Sequels, so many
29:46 Jungle Book 2
31:10 Ben Affleck Solo Batman Film
33:32 Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer
35:07 Jared Leto Joker
41:11 Back to the trailer
53:24 MIB23
58:11 New Young Han Solo
1:05:30 Nine Lives Trailer
1:07:43 Doctor Strange Trailer
1:21:23 TMNT2 Trailer...3?
1:23:24 Deadpool 2 News
1:23:53 Jason Statham Fights A Shark

1:26:09 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:30:46 Letters It’s Time For Letters

Get the Q & A Thing:

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Visit for a box of great monthly geek items including exclusive Captain America and Doctor Who item plus a little something from Star Wars The Force Awakens!

Massive week for Star Wars Rogue One A Star Wars Story! Or whatever it's called. We break down the new trailer for far too long plus get into Fast 8 casting, The Wolverine 3 villain, Man Of Steel 2, Batman V Superman box office, an update on the Justice League plus The Walking Dead finale and why that show is so balls all the time. Thanks for listening!


4:30 Charlize Theron Joins Fast 8
6:49 The Wolverine 3 Villain Revealed
9:54 Mason On Steel Wars
10:58 Man Of Steel 2
12:58 BVS Earnings
14:04 Warner Bros Reshuffle (Variety Article
18:29 Justice League Movie Update
19:56 The Boys TV Series Adaptation
21:29 Civil War Early Critic Response
24:10 Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer

1:14:18 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:20:10 Letters It’s Time For Letters

1:23:13 The Walking Dead Finale Spoilers (Until 1:27:51)

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This week we break down the box office performance of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Plus we get into the Suicide Squad reshoots, Blade Runner 2 casting, the New Mutants movie, Gambit being delayed, Dungeon & Dragons getting a director and Ewan McGregors return to Star Wars.

Plus we talk the Tim Burton Batman films, Batman 1989 and Batman Returns. In summary, not really, but it’s fun to talk about. Thanks for listening!

0:00 Use promo code PLANET for 20% off

5:40 New Doctor Strange Images
9:20 Blade Runner 2 Casting
13:29 New Mutants Movie Casting
15:33 Gambit Delayed
17:47 Dungeons & Dragons Director Announced
23:17 Ewan McGregor Obi Wan Film
27:04 Sucide Squad Reshoots
30:29 Batman V Superman Box Office Drop

39:05 Batman 1989
1:19:34 Batman Returns 1992

132:30 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
141:20 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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