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Massive week for Justice League news with a set visit bringing us news of a tonal shift, new costumes, vehicles, scene descriptions and a mullet for Superman (hopefully).  We also get stuck right into Independence Day:Resurgence, Rogue One returning Star Wars characters, Indiana Jones 5, whose controlling Spider-man and more! Thanks for listening everyone. Yous guys are alright.

0:00 and use the promo code PLANET for 20% off.
3:45 Anton Yelchin RIP at 27
5:56 Rogue One info
11:02 Indiana Jones 5 reboot
12:15 New Ghostbusters theme
12:46 Spider-man news
14:42 Bryan Cranston is Zordon

18:52 Big Justice League info dump!
#MulletForSuperman image

42:43 Independence Day: Resurgence Spoiler Free Review
1:00:21 Independence Day: Resurgence Spoiler Review

1:14:00 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:18:18 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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