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This episode if brought to you by Netflix's Stranger Things! All episodes are out July 15th and it's pretty good. The first two are at least.

We're getting into a topic this week Mason has been banging on about for bloody ages, Dumb Futures From Movies That Have Already Happened. Some thing like that.  We also talk Tony Stark being replaced as Iron Man, Star Wars Rogue One trailer, The Killing Joke, Sulu being gay and Thor: Ragnarok. Thanks for listening!

0:00 Just a bunch of stuff
4:42 Tony Stark being replaced
8:21 Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

It’s A Duck Blur:
Collider Jedi Council:
Best Star Wars Stuff Video:
Steele Wars Podcast:

13:03 The Killing Joke New Trailer
14:30 Sulu is gay and George Takei hates it
17:45 Thor: Ragnarok begins filming

19:16 Stories Set In The Future That’s Now The Past

1:15:22 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
Stranger Things Trailer:

1:22:42 Letters It’s Time For Letters
We talk Pokemongo. That’s pretty exciting.


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