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Suicide Squad is finally here! And everybody loves it. Except for most critics and a lot of fans. Regardless, we get right into it!  We also talk a bunch of Star Wars news, a look at some new Transformers, Thor: Ragnarok news, Christoper Nolan’s latest and more. Thanks for watching! I mean listening.

0:00 promo code weeklyplanet for $3 off
1:53 Jimmy Smits in Rogue One
4: 32 Dunkirk teaser
8:05 Star Wars on ABC?
10:53 New Transformers (are balls)
14:44 New Star Wars ship
17:09 Mark Ruffalo wraps on Thor: Ragnarok

20:11 Suicide Squad Spoiler Free Review
50:25 Suicide Squad Spoiler Review

1:21:11 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:27:01 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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