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Massive week for news including Bad Boys 3, Resident Evil 5, The Arrival, Luke Cage, Thor: Ragnarok, trouble over at DC/Warner brothers plus we break down the latest Rogue One A Star Wars trailer. Thanks for listening!

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4:51 RIP Kenny Baker
6:25 Bad Boys 3 Bad Boys 4 Lyf
11:17 Resident Evil The Final Chapter Trailer
15:20 The Arrival Trailer
19:31 Luke Cage Trailer
23:12 Thor: Ragnarok returning cast
25:15 Shazam news
27:01 Trouble on Fast 8 something
29:30 Suicide Squad Box Office
36:28 Trouble at DC including Wonder Woman
48:23 Aquaman movie villain
49:22 The new Crow...yeeessss…
50:17 The Flash meets The Flash in a flash
50:23 MIB 23 Cancelled
55:07 No Ghostbusters seque
57:47 Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian
1:02:38 New Rogue One Star Wars trailer

1:22:57 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:27:42 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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