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It’s Batman day or something! That’s a thing apparently. So we’re talking the best! The worst! And the weirdest version of the character! Plus a new look at Batman in Justice League, a first look at Commissioner Gordon, Harley Quinn getting a movie and Rogue One getting a new composer.  Plus we get into the return of Paul Walker and why Marvel music seems to leave no impact on audiences.

0:00 Visit for your face
5:51 Caravan Of Garbage
7:32 New Trailer World Record
8:48 Paul Walker returning to Fast Furious franchise
13:04 New composer Rogue One
15:00 Marvel Music has no impact
18:18 Netflix characters in Avengers Infinity War?
20:18 Harley Quinn movie on the way
21:56 First look at Commissioner Gordon
22:34 New Batman tactical suit

25:02 Best, Worst, Weirdest version of Batman

1:13:01 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:16:51 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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