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What a week for the third Wolverine movie Logan getting a trailer! We get right into that as well as the passing of a comic book legend, Captain Planet the movie, Deadpool 2 losing it’s director, Lando cast for the Han Solo movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 trailer plus a Transformers: The Last Knight Exclusive.

Check out the bonus episode in this series of Caravan Of Garbage here:

0:00 Visit & use promo code weeklyplanet for a ridiculous deal
1:54 RIP Steve Dillion
4:31 Captain Planet is getting a dumb movie
7:11 Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2
9:39 Spider-man Homecoming sequel villains
13:41 Transformers: The Last Knight SCOOP
19:26 Donald Glover is Lando
24:44 Joss Whedon Star Wars movie?
29:09 GOTG Vol 2 Sneak Peak
37:00 Logan trailer

1:08:20 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:17:29 Letters It’s Time For Letters

It’s A Duck Blur:


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