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This week we’re joined by comedian, TV host, human man Wil Anderson to talk The Dark Knight Trilogy! Plus we get into a new Han Solo scoop, Terminator getting another reboot (again), Bond 25’s new potential director, Snoke, SNOKE and the IT trailer. Oh and moustache. Thanks for listening!


Pointless CGI Video:
Hulk Ultimate Destruction Caravan Of Garbage:
Raw Collings Animation:

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1:08 IT trailer 2
6:42 Terminator Reboot
14:04 Bond 25 director
16:01 Bloodshot casting
18:47 Snoke. SNOKE
24:02 Han Solo scoop
29:56 Moustache for Superman

39:45 HARD TRANSITION into The Dark Knight Trilogy with Wil Anderson

1:32:21 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:37:36 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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