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Wow. We an achievement. 200 and 198 episodes respectively. So to celebrate we accidently booked three ads but we also talk the biggest box office bombs of all time as well as the future of the MCU, James Cameron throwing Wonder Woman some shade, Godzilla VS King Kong plus updates for the Uncharted and Han Solo movies. Also, there’s some weird shit happening over at DC.

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3:08 James Cameron Hates Wonder Woman
6:52 The future of the MCU
9:!2 The Inhumans (will be bad)
11:13 Godzilla VS King Kong news
17:04 Uncharted movie update
19:01 Black Mirror Season 4 trailer
20:42 Han Solo character cut & new vehicles
29:34 DC Movie news GALORE.

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1:35:40 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:42:22 Letters It’s Time For Letters


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