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This week we discuss three of the greatest/dumbest/weirdest comic book movies ever to not grace the silver screen.  Along with news of Age Of Ultron, Star Trek, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Batman VS Superman and more!

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This week we discuss Harrison's Ford hatred for Star Wars, Batman VS Superman, the future of Spider-man, X-Men and more! Also we journey through the highs, the lows and the bizarre dancing sequences of the Sam Raimi Spider-man films.

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This week James and Mason discuss some Marvel story arcs we want to see adapted into film.  Also we look at The Sinister Six movie, He-man's return a new Transformers trilogy and we clarify the disappearence of the Mr Sunday Movies youtube channel!

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This week we break down Marvel's latest cinematic offering, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. PLUS!  Ninja Turtle news, Marvels future plans, Fantastic Four and more. Spoilers for The Winter Soldier are also clearly outlined, so no stress.

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This week we go on a horrific journey through the history of Captain America on film in addition to discussing Indiana Jones being rebooted, Prometheus 2 and the odd look of the new Ninja Turtles.

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This week we discuss the most anticipated films between April and June, Batman VS Superman rumours, Fox's new Wolverine and Fantastic Four sequels plus we answer listener questions.

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This week we discuss the much in debate shared release date for Batman VS Superman and Captain America, canning Fox's Fantastic Four film and the best and worst costumes in Comic Book Movies.

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This week we discuss news on The Avengers Age Of Ultron, Transformers 4, Fantastic Four & more! Plus we go in depth on 300: Rise Of An Empire and Batman: Arkham Knight!

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This week's episode looks at the push for Spider-man in the Avengers, the costumes of Batman VS Superman, The Matrix 4, 5 & 6 plus Godzilla, Star Wars and more!

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Thing week we cover all things Guardians Of The Galaxy, the week in movie news and the #mckenziemoustache campaign charges on!

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