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This week we're talking the big news for Marvel and DC, Civil War and DC's new film slate. Plus we go through your suggested scenario's concerning who would win various fights between your favourite hero's.

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This week we're talking Justice League villian rumours, an all female Ghostbusters, Spider-man in The Avengers, Star Wars and Daredevil.  Plus we discuss the premieres of Arrow, The Flash and Universals Dracula Untold.

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This week we talk Doctor Strange casting, Tetris: The Movie, Deadpool, I Am Legend and Iron Man 4. Plus take you through the history of The Flash sorta not really.

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This week marks the return of Mr Sunday, talk of Prometheus 2, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Inception and more.  Plus we talk the season premiers of Gotham, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Star Wars Rebels.

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This week Mr Sunday is out sick, so Maso ropes in Tommy Dassalo from bloody great Aussie podcast The Little Dum Dum Club! We talked Batman v Superman AND Shia LeBeouf news, conspiracy theories, and every cartoon ever made! Except your favourite. You should definitely e-mail us about that.

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Minisode? Minisode.

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On our monumental fiftieth episode we discuss The Rock's new roll for DC, Terminator sequels galore, a Supergirl TV series and more! Plus we share our (and your) greatest Batman moments.

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This week's all about Batman V Superman, Doctor Strange casting, Fantastic Four, Greatest American Hero being remade and more! Plus we talk franchises that should be rebooted, franchises that should never been rebooted and franchises that are going to rebooted because shut-up!

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This week we talk Batman V Superman, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, James Bond, Star Wars and the new (old) Doctor Who! Plus we each share a cancelled comic book movie we vaguely researched. Mason's is better.

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This week we discuss some good Transformers news, Aquaman, Star Wars stories galore, Ben Hur, Ant-man, Power Rangers and more! Plus we break down The Expendables 3 and the best and worst action films of some of its stars.




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