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Huge week for this show we do! Hulk and Thor team up, two new X-Men TV series, Marvel get Fantastic Four Back (apparently), Vin Diesel hints at Inhumans, a new Star Wars trailer landing, Battle Angel Alita and Godzilla VS King Kong confirmed for 2020. Also we talk the Back To The Future trilogy in light of that date people don't shut-up about. Thanks for listening! Also Powers Boothe. POWERS BOOTHE.

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The Flash and Arrow have returned to our TV screens so we get stuck into how the seasons kicked off.  Plus we discuss the recent controversial Joker twist in Gotham, an Ant-man & Wasp movie, Lex Luthor news for Batman V Superman, a rumoured contender for the Boba Fett role, the Avengers: Infinity War budget and other things we say! Thanks as always for listening.

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In addition to talking about Matt Damon and Ridley Scott's The Martian we get into news of Damage Control, Batman V Superman being rated, a Kingsman 2/Robin Hood: Origins clash, Game Of Thrones the movie, Thor Ragnarok and the death of the Terminator franchise. Finally. Thanks for listening!

Oh and the non-spoiler timestamp is 1:11:22. I remembered.

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This time around we're all about some of the best sci-fi films of all time! Plus we cover news of Darth Vader's return, Prometheus 2, Sinister 6, Ghostbusters a new Wolverine and I think we talk about Pan again for a bit?

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Big news this week for Batman creator Bill Finger, the Transformers universe expands, Pacific Rim 2 gets pushed back, Dr Strange casting, Gamit loses its director and more! Plus we break down the Daniel Craig era of Bond. Thanks for listening!

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This week Mason makes good on his promise to talk cancelled or defunked comic book universes.  Plus we get into our first look at Matt Damon's return to Bourne, less Superman in Batman V Superman, the Jessica Jones teaser, Apocalypse not looking like garbage anymore, Preacher, Star Wars Rogue One and Godzilla VS King Kong. ON THE BIG SCREEEEEEEEEEEEN. Thanks for listening.

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In our extra special extended episodes (we definitely intended it to be this long) we break down what is the Star Wars prequels. Plus we get into news of Zod's part in Batman V Superman, The Totally Awesome Hulk, Arrow, Force Friday, Disney's Age Of Ultron disappointment and a big shake-up at Marvel. Thank you so much for listening, we genuinely appreciate all the support and emails and tweets and general awesomeness that comes with having all you good people listening. Here's to one hundred more episodes! Or at the very least five.

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The much requested Superhero Showdown episode makes a return where we pit your favourite comic/movie/tv characters against each other to determine who's slighty better! Also we get into news of the new Civil War line-up, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Assassins Creed and undoubtable something else to do with whatever this podcast is about. Thanks for listening!

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In honour of Hitman: Agent 47 being terrible we go through every video game movie ever! Plus some sad news for Batman fans, Michael Shannon on Batman V Superman, Victor Frankenstien, Suicide Squad, Zorro, He-man, Wolverine and whatever else we said. Thanks for listening!

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With D23 taking place over the weekend we got heaps of news covering all things Marvel and Star Wars, Pixar and more. Plus we get into The Man From Uncle, despite no-one having seen it. Fun.

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