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Two significant events occured this week, the newest Fantastic Four film was released and so was a brand new Deadpool trailer. But they were significant for different reasons. Also we get into Ben Aflleck making more Batman films, an X-Men tv series plus Pez. The movie. THANKS FOR LISTENING ALL CAPS.

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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation bloody impossible missioned itself into cinemas over the weekend so we get into that. Plus news of three Star Wars TV series coming to Netflix, Fantastic Four’s very late review embargo, the Channing Tatum Gambit fiasco and more. Thanks for the support!

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This week we take a wild ride though the Mission Impossible films in the lead up to Rogue Nation! The highs, the lows, the hair. Plus we talk the X-Men and Fantastic Four films crossing over, Spectre, Pixels, an Emoji film and a sequel to Jurassic World.

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With Ant-man hitting cinemas the world over we bloody talk about that. In addition to the new Suicide Squad trailer, X-Men Apocalypse, an Aladdin live action prequel and Constantine appearing on The Flash. Thanks for listening!

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San Diego Comic Con is probably the biggest week of the year for comic book movies and we treat it like such by half-arsing a podcast about it. We're talking Batman V Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Warcraft, Deadpool and more. Plus Mason rants for a bit about Ghostbusters.

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This week, James is dead or something, so Maso enlists the help of author, comedian, magician, con artist and old mate Nicholas J Johnson! We talk all kinds of news, and discuss why Terminator: Genisys is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a Terminator movie at this point. Also, Johnson explains the easiest way to steal a car. Don't do it though! *wink* nah but seriously don't


You can read the first chapter of Nicholas J Johnson's new novel "Fast And Loose" at


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What a week for all the things we talk about! A new Spider-man, news on a solo Batman film, Suicide Squad and Star Trek (Track). Plus we get into Batman: Arkham Knight and what we sort of remember from all the Terminator movies. Thanks for listening!

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Massive week for movie news including Batman V Superman, X-Men, Kick-Ass and more. Plus we half arse a break down of both Game Of Thrones season 5 and E3. Spoilers for GOT.

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Jurassic World, The Punisher, Ghostbusters, Marvel scared of DC at Comic Con, the passing of a legend, other things.  All this and more probably in this week's episode of the podcast this is.

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What a bloody week it's been! We're talking the release of both Entourage and Spy plus news of an Obi Wan spin-off film, Daredevil casting, Power Rangers and the new Aquanman director.

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